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"An Injury to One Is An Injury To All"
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Attention Injured Workers:

We are asked about physicians by injured workers wanting to find top notch care for a workplace injury or disease that will not sell them out to the workers compensation insurance company.  It is easy to find many good physicians for treatment of injuries but very difficult to find a physician that will stand behind you all the way through a worker's compensation claim.  We have listed some panel physicians that have signed an agreement stating they will support the injured worker and not the worker's compensation insurance company.  They are listed in alphabetical order.
Questions to Ask a Perspective Physician

Attention Physicians:
If you wish to be listed on the P.F.I.W. website please read and sign the panel physician agreement and follow the instructions on the agreement.  We will post all good and bad things about the experience with physicians reported by injured workers.  The injured workers will post a review of the physician so others will know what to expect for each physician.
Panel Physician Agreement & Oath
Sample Listings
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Physician Name
Contact Information
E-mail Address
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