Our troops serve us unconditionally and they deserve all the support we can offer.  Getting injured on the job while in the military can be very challenging.  Even though our government has promised them the best of medical treatment and rehabilitation there are still those who fall in the cracks and don’t get what they need or deserve.  P.F.I.W. is supporting all injured troops and we will help in any way we can.
New for Veterans
Veterans can now setup an online account for the VA.  This allows the veteran to file for benefits and disability compensation and to check on the status of each claim.  This is all done at the VA website under ebenefits the gateway to a veterans information.  There are two classifications of accounts that can be setup.  The first is a basic account which only allows a veteran to file for benefits.  The second is a premium account that allows a veteran to view the status of any claims filed, however the premium account requires that a veteran either go to a local treatment facility or calls the VA to verify the identity of the veteran.