While getting your worker’s compensation claim established , if your employer denies your claim, you may need income to carry you through this time period.  Social Security Disability is an option for your to consider.  Your worker’s compensation is offset by the amount of Social Security Disability you get and that can be reconciled once you have established your Social Security Disability and the worker’s compensation claim is established.

Note: You can get things done if you call the local Social Security Office, for your area, rather than calling the number on the Federal Social Security Disability website.
Application Process:
Worker’s Compensation attorneys will help with the process of establishing a Social Security Disability Claim.  Some charge a fee and some will do it to help an injured worker without a fee.If you are able to fill out all the necessary forms and gather all the information required you could file for Social Security Disability.  You can fill out a packet of forms and take them to your local Social Security Office and submit them or you can fill out an online application.  Note: It is recommended that you fill out the forms long hand and gather all the required medical records and other information and take them and hand deliver them to your local Social Security Office.