Many times we hear this question and statement: “What can I do?  I’m only one person”.

When a large number of people complain about something it tends to get attention.  Contact your Legislators, both Senators and Representatives, to let them know about the problems you are experiencing and ask them to help reform the workers compensation act for injured workers and not employers and their insurers.  Also contact the members of the Senate Labor & Industry Committee and the House of Representatives Labor Relations Committee.

The real power to make change comes from injured workers and injured worker advocates who have registered to vote and do so.  Vote for politicians who care about injured worker rights.

You can attend the PA Workers Compensation Advisory Council meetings held at the Bureau of Workers Compensation.  Once in a while they allow people who attend the meeting to speak to them.  This council is supposed to write legislative recommendations to the Legislators on workers compensation reform.  Call or e-mail the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers Compensation for information about the Advisory Council meeting.  717-783-5421 or

Join the Pennsylvania Federation of Injured Workers.  The more members we have the louder our voice will be in Harrisburg.

If all injured workers and injured worker advocates would register to vote and get one other person or more to do the same, injured workers would then be able to say; “the abuse of injured workers stops now.”