New Chapter Startup

The Dauphin County Chapter has been re-established to support the P.F.I.W. organization in all its mission & goals.  The Chapter has a need for new members and officers.  All committees need members to participate in planning and holding seminars and expos for injured workers and continuing to ask lawmakers to give injured workers the benefits that the workers compensation mandate requires.

If you’re looking to support and help injured workers get their lives back on tract the P.F.I.W. is a great place to start and get it done.

Chapter Committees

Dauphin County Chapter has openings on all its committees for those looking to make a difference by actually doing something instead of sitting on the sideline.  We offer limited computer training and the necessary tools to complete this mission.  

All active members who participate in the Chapter mission will be given access to everything needed to get it done.  We need you to make a difference!

Don’t sit on the sideline and be a bench warmer.  If you want to make a difference for thousands of Pennsylvanians, join us.

Meeting Locations

In the past Dauphin County Chapter held it’s monthly meetings at the same location in the county. We plan to change that and hold meetings at different locations throughout the county to make sure we are getting our support to more injured workers in our area.