Starting up a Chapter Affiliate of the Pennsylvania Federation of Injured Workers is a way to take an active roll in helping injured workers.  Chapter Affiliates can raise funds for Chapter operations, open up a community office of P.F.I.W. Corporation/Organization, organize campaigns for better worker’s compensation, support injured workers and reach out to everyone about the importance of not forgetting injured workers.

P.F.I.W. will support and help with the Chapter Affiliate startup process to ensure its success.  Resources are available for what ever role the new Chapter Affiliate would like to take up as an affiliate member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Injured Workers Corporation/Organization.

All work done for P.F.I.W. Corporation/Organization is volunteer.  If you’re ready to volunteer and help injured workers return to a better life after a workplace injury or disease then P.F.I.W. is a good place to start.

Requirements :

To startup a chapter of the P.F.I.W. five (5) people with the desire to advocate on behalf of injured workers are needed to get started. 
Once you have the five (5) members of your chapter signed up and dues paid contact P.F.I.W. and request to be placed on the agenda of the P.F.I.W. Board of Directors for consideration to startup a new chapter.
Attend the next P.F.I.W. Board of Directors and state your case for a new chapter startup and the Board will vote on the issue.